Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This website sucks.

A: That’s not a question.

Q: This website sucks?

A: That’s better.  And yes, and that’s kind of the point.  I’ve started this comic as a way to cut my teeth both as web developer of sorts, as well as my ability to doodle.  Everything here is a work in progress.

Q: Why are your drawings so bad?

A: Was the name of the website not enough of a heads-up?

Q: I want a refund.  How do I go about getting a refund?

A: I’ve just transferred the money back into your account.  Just now.  As you were reading this.  You should see it reflected in your balance now.

Q: Why on Earth did you decide to do this?

A: Short answer: I ride a train for about 3 hours a day, I have a Surface, and I’ve long since lost my mind.

Longer answer: this was a side project that grew out of another side project my wife is working on where I’d help develop some artwork for some of her work; her project allowed me to tap into some creative sides I didn’t realize were there.  Once I got working to help her, and started realizing I enjoyed it, this site was probably inevitable.

Q: How often will this site update?

A: No idea.  Aiming for weekly, but I have a day job and a life that leave not a whole lot of free time.

Q: What is *wrong* with you?

A: I honestly don’t know where to begin.

Q: Where can I tell you how bad I think you are at all of this?

A: You can always shout at me on the Twitter dot com.

Q: You wrote these FAQ’s yourself, didn’t you?

A: Just because I asked them doesn’t mean they weren’t the most frequently asked, though.