Alarmingly Bad Comic Archive

Look, I'm not saying he's right to feed on the living, I'm just saying I can sympathize not being able to open one of those pouches.

Soul Food

This is going to be an interesting chat with HR.

Never trust your secrets to a memory foam mattress


And that’s why you don’t buy talking mattresses.

Maybe you shouldn't be wearing all the white if you're going to rip a dude's heart out of his chest

Finish Him

What’s the body count of this comic up to, anyway?

"When you get up to bat next time could you suck then too?"

Eye On The Ball

“Of course I would root for you, kiddo, but unlike you I actually have a chance of winning today”

This may or may not be inspired by real life events

Just A Minute

“Ok, but what are you doing in there?” “Not worrying about my phone battery, that’s for sure.”

Still better than flying United

This Is Your Captain

The FAA has strict regulations around the number of style points a commercial flight can earn.

I think he's only mad because she isn't sharing

Pizza Time

The lesson here is every restaurant should be serving pizza.